I'm learning i need to come to terms with the way verbal language works, while it is spoken.

Words, interpereted incorrectly, feel tighter. this is discord, i can do without.

I cannot come to grips with how verbal communication works through time, in real - time. Anything can have any interperetation with the right (or wrong) context. Verbal-communication presumes some level of social/political coherence between parties. I find it damned near impossible to delineate these parallels, which shift with every new context.

look like some potted-up techforbrains zomboid -- barbarically employing written inference, to you? do I? fuck

Whether outsiders see what we mean to express or not does not necessarily matter, considering whether a person knows their own intentions, anyways. What seems to matter more to me is that events occur as a result of the ways two people interpret one another's actions. These two perceptions are basically always slightly amiss anyways (which is why it is so amazing when perceptions DO align).

So, events happen between parties and misinterpretation can happen. We must trust that the average of our actions/interactions between specific parties will bring out the truth. Yet, we cant simply trust. We are the actors in our own lives and we have a role to fill. We must not reduce to static noise in our lives. that would cause misinterpretation..