Seriously, thank you for your time and attention. These things mean the world to me. I wouldn't make artwork if others couldn't have the chance to see it at some point in time (huh, conversely, I hesitate to show it to anyone personally in the first place). But what, dear reader, would mean more to me? I need to hear feedback in order to understand what it is like to view this site, which I as the creator with a biased perspective cannot know. Weird, right?

I feel the need to explain myself. This ongoing project does not have a particular point. The point might be self-expression by documenting/convaying what I think it is like to be myself. In other words, I'm doing this to investigate how the web browser can be used perspectivally. I'm interested using website design as a medium which crafts an experience a person goes through. A key example can be seen by clicking this sentence. On it, you have to scroll around the page to observe the entire image. I intentionally left the image far to large (happy accident) to emulate (archaically) a perspective inside of a larger context. This relates to the human condition when we intentionally focus on smaller details or when we are abscent-minded.

"Cheesy, right?!" he said enthusiastically.

Click on phrases and words you are attracted to particularly, there might be more to it. (Hint: there is secret shit on this page)